Tuesday, September 12

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Stoa, 18:10


The rain poured down all night and continued to pour down as I left home under the cover of a huge umbrella. Before I left Irma and I looked at the drain assemblage I had made yesterday and realise how important a role concrete plays in this. The three parts of the assemblage joined together in a textbook example of unwaterproofness, with the result that all the water disappeared into the first join it came to.

Next weekend I mix concrete then!
I spent the morning rewriting my Nobanet script, which I then sent to Micke. I also carried on thinking through a grant application to the Finnish Academy. I decided to abandon my idea of also applying to Kone.
In the afternoon I started making instructions for next week’s CMS course, and then read two conference abstracts which I had promised to peer review. One of them concerned researching sitting doing nothing as an auto-ethnographical study, and my mind cleared. I reinstated my Kone grant application and decided to apply as an artists not as an academic.
I realised that I have the experience to research a different kind of nothingness and to make it sound plausible and useful – and to actually mean it.
I got distracted by a sudden kerfuffle in the world of Pixelache which (of course) took place in Slack with some people determinedly avoiding Slack to send emails that those people using Slack ignored. The kerfuffle revolved, in large part, around our failure to communicate.
Oh how we laughed.
At 17:45 I leave Arcada for Itis, where Oliver and I have arranged to meet. Before I go to Itis I walk from the metro to the library at Stoa where I return two Brian Wilson cds. On the way out I notice the two metal cows and I photograph them before they get led back inside for winter.
Oliver and I will sit for a couple of hours in a Chinese restaurant in Itis, where we will discuss our plans for the festival and our plans for the next year. We will find agreement on everything we discuss and, by the time we leave, the face-cream workshop will sound like good fun with a purpose.