Friday, September 15

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Hotel Avalon, Riga, 12:30


I got up early again, had breakfast before anyone else appeared, and then went back to my room to shower. I got to the conference room early to find the door locked. It remained locked as people joined me until, with the little corridor overflowing, a man arrived with a key.

We worked furiously in the morning in groups and by 11:45 we had done everything that we should have done by 15:00.

Like yesterday we take the glass lifts to the first floor for our lunch. Like yesterday we get three courses. Christa had to leave and so I promise her that I will post the lunch on Instagram. She threatens to post her airport snack in return. I like the soup with cheese on toast, and the main course of plaice fillet with vegetable puree. However I really like the dessert. By the time I post it I have still seen no photographs from the airport.

Erik and the other Danes leave immediately after lunch and in the afternoon the rest of us sit and chat and plan the extra meeting in November in Copenhagen that we agreed yesterday evening.

The taxi will arrive and the three of us will squeeze into it.