Sunday, September 17

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Rohdinkuja, 16:40


We got up late and had a shower and a slow breakfast.

In the afternoon we went to visit Irma’s parents while Naa went to the centre to watch the Puppy Parade.

When we get back I notice that the people over the road have a new car. Or at least their son does. He has parked it on the grass in front of their house and I photograph it because it looks as though it belongs there.

Irma will mow the lawn and the front and I will sweep all the grass up. Our neighbour will glide silently by in a new electric car.

In the early evening Irma will go to see Naa’s shower room to check how a washing machine would fit there. In true Irma style she and Naa will follow this with a visit to Prisma to buy a washing machine to fit the space. I will remain at home ironing the last few things of Naa’s that I will ever iron.

She will get an iron as well as a washing machine, if I have my way.