Friday, September 22

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Oranssi, 15:45


I left home and cycled to Puotila. Then I walked to Prisma to begin the shopping for my workshop at the Pixelache Festival tomorrow. Irma had promised me some beeswax, so I bought coconut oil, walnut oil, and green tea. I then walked to Stockmann where I bought almond oil, and Body Shop, where I bought a back-up supply of already-processed beeswax.

Tiger had run out of the little bottles I intended to use so I took the metro to Käisäniemi, as we no longer say, and got them from the Tiger there.

At Arcada I worked through the outline of the workshop Oliver and I will do tomorrow, and then compiled a Powerpoint show. I intended this more for my use than for the audience’s entertainment. It will remind me of what I intended to talk about and in what order.

In the afternoon I went to Pixelache and delivered all my packages. I then went to Aga and Jana’s cultural coding performance in the Oranssi building. This reminds me of Eno’s Oblique Strategies, put to a slightly different use. It also allows me to see how the buikling works as a performance venue.

Sitting there watching Jana give an introduction which explains how they will use WhatsApp to facilitate the coding communication, I notice that my phone has a reflection of the diagram on the screen. For some reason, sitting in the semi-dark, this surprises me and I photograph it with my iPad.

Later, I will watch the Public Assembly until, on the way to the metro, I will go for a drink with Susanne Palzer from Sheffield, Arlene Tucker from California, and Juha from Espoo at the William K pub in Sörnäinen.

I will have remembered my cycle light, and thus find myself cycling home from Puotila in the sudden dark.