Tuesday, September 26



Arcada, 16:10


Irma had another meeting that required her to cycle to Puotila this morning, but it started at 10:00 so I left first.

I spent the morning with Matteo trying to find a way into Convivial Mechanics. Eventually we found some extremely interesting solutions. He suggested that I write a working paper for Arcada, and a series of articles for various journals establishing a perspective from which we could then apply for research funding. He talked me through how I could do this by promulgating a critical perspective that began with the problematising of the so-called quantifiable self and then forked to look at three topics: gamification, net addiction, and the nature of self-hood.

We looked at how these could become topics for student work, and by the end of the morning I felt that they could.

At 13:00 I acted as the examiner for an MA thesis which contained the world’s most detailed write-up of some experiments with the eye-tracker. I declared, quite truthfully, that, if nothing else, I will use the thesis in the future as compulsory reading material for any student who wants to use the eye-tracker for research.

At 14:00 I went to meet Emilia and Josefin to plan the final push to get the Buddy School website finished. We discussed a problem with the menu on mobile, and the possibility of using gifs to simulate bouncing, the way you do; and then I went away to deal with the menu issue. This took more than an hour and in the end required precisely one line added to the css file.

I get back to my desk, after showing Emilia the missing line, and suggesting several other changes, and open the book I received yesterday. I wrote the final chapter and I hope to read it from cover to cover this weekend. I leave Arcada feeling momentarily energised.

In the evening I will return to reading Michael Moorcock’s The War Amongst The Angels which will somehow feel very appropriate.