Wednesday, September 27

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Espresso House, 17:20


I cycled to Puotila in an increasingly summery weather. I even cycled with my jacket open.

I spent the day doing a series of tasks to do with teaching, researching, and planning. I answered a flurry of emails about aspects of the Pixelache festival and tried to work out why the Media Library does not work as advertised on

I did an almost complete re-install of Wordpress which certainly narrowed down the places where the problem might have hidden itself. Sadly the database seemed like one possible location, and rebuilding the database might prove several steps farther than I would like to go.

In the afternoon I made a Powerpoint slideshow for my talk at Prakticum tomorrow. I didn’t have the time I needed and so I ended up making a slideshow that covered some interesting areas in the belief that I could construct a talk around the slides. I realised with glee that I had applied theStan Lee method to Powerpoint with apparent success. I expect that we will find out exactly how much success tomorrow.

At 15:40 I left Arcada to meet Naa. At 16:25 I met her outside H&M in Itis and we went to Espresso House to chat.

To our surprise Espresso House has lots of free spaces and we find some comfortable sofas by the window. The banana split I had last time has disappeared, as seasonal specials tend to do, so I settle for a cookie dough and cream instead. Naa has her usual chai latte with no coffee. I notice I have put mine on the arm of my sofa and photograph it before it falls off.

We will talk for an hour and a half, before heading in different directions. I will walk through Stockmann to Puotila and pick up my bike.

In the evening I will research xml-rpc in search of another way to deal with my media library problem, and then settle down to continue reading Michael Moorcock.

Irma will tell me that she has now amassed 200 Instagram followers. I still languish at 167.