Saturday, September 30

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Rohdinkuja, 11:23


We get up and have breakfast and afterwards I wander outside for no reason at all. I notice the berries and leaves on the bushes of the house opposite and go back inside to get my iPad. I photograph them because you can never have enough of the browns and reds of autumn. I then notice that our side of the road is covering with berries and leaves from the tree in our garden and go back inside for a broom to sweep them away.

In a couple of hours time we will go to K-Rauta where we will buy glue and gravel for the drain I will build later. We will go to Prisma, and then back home for drain-making fun. It will take me a couple of hours because I need to get the gully sloping in the right direction. Eventually I will.

Naa will come round and we will eat, drink, and watch an Irish detective programme that nobody can bear to watch to the end. Naa will leave for home and we will switch the television off.