Monday, October 2

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Kitchen table, 19:00


I woke to darkness. Sunshine wanted to go out and I wondered why. Then I noticed that the clock said 7:10 and the darkness meant that the weather had changed drastically overnight.

I cycled to Puotila wearing a jumper and jacket, and wished I had also worn gloves.

I spent the first part of the morning answering mails from students and the second part chairing the first Quality Circle meeting of the year. To my surprise we got a lot done and set up a system for the year that might just work.

In the afternoon we had a team meeting and after that I said goodbye to Jutta who will work from home for the rest of the week before going to Catalonia for ten days for a sunshine break.

Naa came round briefly in the evening, and we arranged to go bowling on Wednesday evening. She has taken her old sofa to pieces and felt proud of herself.

Now I sit reading and eating some fish. I notice that the glass plate looks rather photogenic and, for lack of anything else to do, I photograph it. It provides an interesting test for my growing familiarity with Pixelmator, my replacement for the now-dead Photoshop Touch.

The sky will darken early and it will feel like the middle of the night by about 20:20. I will hear the wind rise and the rain start as I get ready for bed.