Saturday, October 7

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Stockmann, 18:15


We both slept for about ten hours. When we woke Merija from next door has messaged Irma to say that she had found a dead grey cat on the edge of the woods by her rose bush. We got dressed and went to look. We found a dead black and ginger cat who bore no resemblance to Sunshine.

Irma photographed it and put it in the Vartiokylä Facebook group.

I went for a forty five minute walk, during which I listened to Spirit’s Future Games album, an overlooked gem from their sojurn on Mercury records in the 1970s.

After brunch we worked in the garden, and I washed the soil off the stones round the new drain to lessen the chances of clover and weeds springing up there next year. I started to sweep up leaves and then abandoned the task when I found that a week of rain had rendered them immovable.

Sunshine returned from his travels and we left for the shops.

We look around Stockmann first but end up buying almost everything we need there. Irma finds some scent she had thought of purchasing at 80% off. She then wanders the store to see what else has 80% off. Nothing, it turns out. My heel begins to hurt so I sit down while she explores the bags and shoes.

Eventually we will work our way down to the deli, find it quiet, and buy our food there.

In the evening Naa will come round and we will eat, drink and discuss Luke and Alice’s plans for their wedding.