Wednesday, October 18

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Tallinninaukio, 14:45


I started the day by checking that worked properly. As long as nobody looks at it on an iPad then it does. I made some notes and passed them on to Emilia.

I had a long Facebook conversation with Camie. At the end she sent a mail to Harald in Oslo, accepting a position on the steering committee of the project, should it happen. We also chatted about Nacho, her newly-born (and not yet officially named) little girl.

After that I did some preparatory work for the CMS course, and emailed some students about tutorials and overdue work. At 14:00 I left the building and caught a tram to Sörnäinen.

I emerge from the metro and walk across Tallinninaukio to the bridge where I will walk over the main road to Stoa. The weather has kept many people away from here who, a few weeks ago, would roll around the benches, powered entirely by cheap cider. Many of the market stalls have gone too. In a few weeks the square will feel almost completely deserted.

I will meet Emilia in Stoa, and we will both meet Irma and Kipa. Emilia will discuss progress so far, and get a newly delivered hooder with the buddyschool logo on. Everyone will leave happy.

I will wait in the library for Irma and we will drive home. I will spend some of the evening packing.