Tuesday, October 24

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Arcada, 11:00


I went to bed about 1:20 last night and found that I could not get to sleep. I lay there asking myself how I normally get to sleep. I tried daydreaming, I tried meditating, I tried counting. Time passed but no sleep arrived.

The last time I looked at my phone to see the time, it said 5:48. The next thing I remember I woke to my 7:30 alarm. I slept, then, for about one hour forty minutes, and when I got up I felt like it. I said hello to Irma, laid out the gifts I had brought back, and ate a quick breakfast.

As I left Irma offered me a pair of gloves but I pooh poohed the idea. About twenty metres from the house I began to regret this. The weather had completely changed since I left on Thursday. It had gone from late summer to mid-autumn.

I started my working day by warming up at Arcada, which involved standing near a radiator. I then caught up on answering emails, and had a long talk with Nathalie about the progress of the Norwegian grant application that we have involved ourselves in. Harald has now submitted it and we will wait to see what happens. He thinks we have now crafted a strong bid and it should stand a very good chance of getting through to the second stage.

At 11:00 I look out of the window to see a man standing in mid-air outside. A second glance shows that he has a hydraulic crane underneath him. He does not look as though he feels very secure. By the time I pick up my iPad and try to photograph him he has begun his descent. I fail to capture his look of fear, as he leaned over the cage to check something on the pillar.

After this I will meet Emilia and Josefin and discuss the progress of the site. I will fix one major issue by changing the break-points in the Foundation code. While doing it I will realise that I should not need to do this. It will work but I will recognise that we will need to find another solution. I will also realise that the fact that it works points towards the real problem.

I suspect that Emilia has put too much of her own thinking into her css and ended up over-ruling the core Foundation functions, but not completely enough to make her unnecessary home-brewed functions work properly.

We will agree to spend Friday going through this. This will bring me up to speed on Foundation 6 at the same time as fixing all the problems on the site.

At 13:15 I will begin a session with the CMS group. Standing there guiding them pushes my tiredness to one side, but at 17:00 when we stop I will instantly feel like collapsing.

Irma has a date with Me Foundation watching a private screening of the new version of The Unknown Soldier, so I will spend the evening with Sunshine.

I will shower, finish unpacking, and bring my accounts up to date. At 21:15 Irma will arrive home in a jovial fury at not managing to sit at the end of a row. Sitting in the middle she found herself forced to watch the entire three hour film made for “elderly male nationalists”.

I will go to bed shortly afterwards and fall asleep in thirty seconds. I will sleep until the alarm wakes me in the morning.