Thursday, October 26

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Arcada, 8:45


Yesterday the weather forecast predicted that snow would cover Finland during the evening and night. Id didn’t. However, this morning as I left the house wet snow started falling quite heavily. I went to wait for the 97V with my hood up and slush hitting me in the face. I waited, gave up, walked back over Itäväylä, and went to the bus stop there. As the 93 arrived I saw the 97V pull up at the traffic lights and wait to turn left. I had made the right decision.

As I get off a bus and walk towards Arcada, I notice that the snow has actually started building up on the ground. I look around, my hood up again, and quickly photograph the building and the grass around it to commemorate the first sign of snow this winter.

I will find everyone in the staff room moaning about it. I will settle down to prepare for this afternoon and tomorrow when I will teach CMS and wrestle with Emilia’s coding. Jutta will suggest that it might prove better to take her design and start coding again. I will agree and clear the whole of Friday for this.

I will spend the morning preparing for the afternoon session, because I have had some ideas that might make the next stage clearer. I will then spend the afternoon grateful for what I had done this morning.

By the end of the afternoon the whole room will stagger out with exploding heads. I will look out of the window to see that the snow has not stopped since morning. The ground will look completely white, the sky will look completely gray and the snow will show no signs of stopping.

Irma will have an all-evening meeting so I will bring my finances up to date, read a bit, play with Sunshine who wants to go out in the snow, and do some ironing.

Irma will arrive home tired just as I feel like going to bed: everyone a winner.