Sunday, October 29

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Home, 11:40


We get up and have breakfast and when we have finished we notice that snow has started falling heavily. I look out of the window and wonder if the iPad can capture falling snow. I try several approaches: normal, night mode, and burst mode. None of them work as well as I would like, but burst mode manages to capture some snowflakes.

In the early afternoon we will collect Naa and go to see Irma’s father. We will follow this with a visit to her mother, where I will take down the summer swing chair from her balcony and put it in her storage box in the basement. We will get coffee and cakes and chocolate as a reward. Irma’s mother seems to now live on a diet of cakes and coffee, and she has become very knowledgeable about the wide variety of cakes available.

Later we will take Naa home and she will talk about eating in Pizza Hut with Sampo last night. This will give Irma and idea, and we will stop at Pizza Express, the local pizza place in Vartiokylä, on the way home. We have lived in Vartiokylä for just over ten years and none of us have never gone there before.

We will find ourselves the only customers, although the drivers keep running in and out to collect take-aways for delivery. I will have a cheese pizza and Irma will have a power pizza, which turned out a lot more colourful than mine.

We will both agree that the pizzas tasted worse than any pizza we can remember. We will also agree two other things: we liked the adventure, and we won’t bother Pizza Express again for at least another ten years.