Tuesday, October 31

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A306, Arcada, 10:40


This morning, as promised by professionals, the weather had turned again. The temperature had risen dramatically and as I walked to the 97V I got blinded by the low autumn sun.

I started the day by spending a couple of hours preparing for the MA course that begins on Thursday. To my delight I realised that I had made an exemplary set of material last year, including notes that still made sense to me. I watched the slideshows for the first two sessions and adjusted them slightly to fit better with my current thinking. I emailed Julian Stott from Sea Salt Learning to tell him that we would use his MOOC again, unless he objected. It remains online and it will offer a prctical perspective on the changing nature of learning, as well as providing some interesting material to discuss.

At 10:40 I stand up and walk around, because this counts as exercise and will keep me young and dynamic, according to several articles on the web that I have no reason to believe. I notice the photograph that I prepared for the Photoshop exam that nobody ever took lying on a desk halfway between the printer and the mailboxes. I photograph it while wondering whether I should print out this photograph so that I can leave it around somewhere and photograph it weeks later.

Perhaps I will.

Emilia and Josefin will arrive shortly afterwards, just after I have taken out their site and begun to look at the problem with the menu system that we failed to solve last week. Emilia will announce that she solved it yesterday and then play air guitar for a minute or so, while making yelping sounds. I will feel happy.

I will agree to proofread Matteo’s article in the time I suddenly have available.