Saturday, November 4

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Kitchen, 16:40


The day starts in meteorological gloom. The ground shows the remains of rain and the sky holds the promise of more.

We started our day in the garden. I caught up with the falling leaves while Irma dealt with some plants. Naa, who stayed overnight, picked up detritus from the gravel around the house.

Next we moved indoors where the autumn weather blows things that ought to remain outdoors. Irma took Naa home and then went to Prisma to get whatever supplies we needed. I continued with the vacuum cleaning.

When Irma got back the sky had brightened slightly and so I went for a long walk. I took my headphones for the first time in eighteen months and listened to the latest OMD album Punishment of Luxury. I suspect that I might consider this one of the albums of the year.

I return home to find Irma beginning the process of cooking. I show her the black and white photograph I took outside for today’s challenge, and then look around for something to use for my usual daily image. I find myself noticing a range of colours in the kitchen, in direct contrast to the earlier image. These scissors hang on the wall by the sink and will get called into use shortly. Obviously we both have an obsession for order or they would not line up like this.

As we sit down to eat we will hear a knock on the door. Irma will go to see a bunch of trick-or-treaters who have either arrived late for Halloween or early for something else. We will give them a huge bar of chocolate tht Irma brought from Strasburg and they will go off happy.

We will fail to find anything interesting on television. I will fll asleep on the sofa watching an interminable Swedish film subtitled in Finnish. Yes, I can understand it. No, I don’t think I want to.

Good night.