Sunday, November 5

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The woods, 11:32


This morning I get up and go for a fifty minute walk, taking my Sennheiser headphones for a repeat listening to Punishment of Luxuery. I walk fast and at the end of the woods, before I turn left into Linnanherrantie, I notice that someone has chopped down a small clump of trees. The largest trunk stands out from the dull autumn grays, because it has not yet given up and faded.

I will walk a route that I have not used for months and get back home at exactly the promised time. We will eat brunch and play with the cat, who seems to get more ridiculous with every passing month. It has taken to sitting at the dining table, and Irma has taken to giving it treats while it sits there. It has taken to nudging her when the treats have all gone.

In the afternoon we will go to visit Irma’s father and then join Naa at Easton. This opened about ten days ago and we have not yet looked at it. We will discover that it contains an enormous Citymarket, an Alko and a chemist’s, a health food shop, a huge food court and some separate restaurants.

Irma will declare that the Citymarket feels oppressively large and so we will take Naa home and then go to Prisma to look at a possible Christmas present for Naa.

In the evening I will return to reading Michael Moorcock’s Elric: the Moonbeam Roads and continue to enjoy it.