Monday, November 6

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Arcada, 15:35


I walked to Alepa and caught a 95. The sky looked gray when I set out and dark gray when I arrived. Drizzle had begun when I got to Sörnäinen and continued all morning.

I ran through a series of tasks mainly involving MA students. I waited for Aki to show up with my video, and cancelled a Quality Circle meeting because Monica arrived and left in one sweeping motion. She had a cough, a sore throat, and she had lost her voice. Since part of the point of the Quality Circle revolves around generating agendas and minutes that Arcada can point to when the ministry comes calling, a meeting without Monica counts as a meeting wasted.

At 13:00 we began the monthly Media Masters team meeting. Nathalie had gone home because her daughter had vomited. Matteo had a seminar to attend. Monica had gone home ill. Tomas had left town. Mats and I sat looking at each other, and got through what little business we had to discuss in less than ten minutes.

At 14:30 I went up to B519, the newish Media Hub, where you can set up big-screen Skype meetings at the touch of a button. Aki demonstrated it to Mats and I wondered whether I might switch some classes there, whenever students wanted to wanted to stay at home and attend college at the same time.

Demo over, I walk along the fifth floor corridor, not something I do very often, and look out the window at the gray and rainy day. The view does not inspire me but sometimes an uninspiring image makes me learn more about Pixelmator. It will indeed take me longer than usual to make an acceptable image because all the colours in the original seem flat and washed out. Do I improve it? I can’t tell.

I will spend the rest of the afternoon preparing a large-scale demo for CMS tomorrow. Since I will not hold a session on Thursday because I will run a workshop for Nobanet in Copenhagen instead, I decide that I must have a comprehensive walk-through of the remaining tasks, before they begin their final project.

In the evening I will do some ironing and read some Michael Moorcock. I will decide that I find that many of his stories seem more like ruminations than narratives, but still find them enjoyable reading. And sometimes thought-provoking.