Tuesday, November 7

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Arcada, 9:32


The weather seemed to have brightened up and I walked at speed to Puotila.

I talked with Jutta about my CMS course, and the students’ reactions to it. I wanted to work out if her experience of this group matched mine, and it seemed that it more or less did. I then talked with Nathalie about two MA students and, once again, her opinion more or less agreed with mine.

I finished working on my walk-through for this afternoon and then remembered that I needed to take a black and white image for day 5 of my Facebook challenge. I walk into the corridor with the wastebasket in mind and photograph it. I then turn round and see a perfect abstract image behind me. The low autumn sun illuminates the railings and the textures on the far wall in a way that will only last for a few minutes. I take a photograph and, unlike yesterday’s, I return to my desk and process it in three minutes.

At 10:00 I will meet two nursing students who have a thesis production that they would like a media student to design for them. They have all the material but need it to be presented visually in a pdf with dynamic links. I promise to hunt down a student for them.

I will answer a flurry of emails, and start hastily assembling my material for Copenhagen. I have a concern about how little time I have between now and Thursday morning, and I rather suspect that I will end up spending Wednesday afternoon sitting in a hotel room uploading my material to Eliademy.

I will pull the three IT students aside and introduce them to Emilia and Josefin. I will point out to them that they can have a special assignmnet that will better suit their abilities. I will ask them to think through the logic of turning the Buddyschool site into a Wordpress site and then make a first version. We will discuss it for some time and Ben and I will agree that we need to break the screens down into mini-articles that fit inside the layout and then pull the screens together with multiple loops. We wiöö also agree that this will need some fiddling and filtering at the back-end to create an Admin panel that will make sense to Kipa, or whoever else updates the site.

At 17:00 I will have a final conversation with Jutta and Nathalie, before packing up my laptop, and making sure that I have all my leads and cables with me. I will leave Arcada at about 17:20.

I will spend the evening packing, reading, and growing concerned about the amount of work I will have to do in Copenhagen.