Wednesday, November 8

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Harbour, Copenhagen, 15:21


I got up, got dressed, had breakfast, and left to catch a bus. I caught an earlier one than I had planned so I got to Itäkeskus to discover that I had a twenty minute wait for the bus to the airport. A bus to Malmi, however, stood at the stop. I got on that and caught the I train from Malmi to the airport.

I arrived thirty minutes early for my meeting with Micke, so I walked down to the Book Exchange and looked to see if I could find something rre or obscure. I couldn’t.

When Micke arrived we got a coffee and sandwich, and talked through our plans for the Nobanet meeting. At 11:30 we walked to Gate 23 and Elena met us there. The plane had three times as many seats as passengers and so we all had an empty seat next to us. I had a chicken caesar wrap and some blueberry juice.

We got the train from the airport to the centre of Copenhagen and walked four minutes to the First Hotel Mayfair, in Helgolandsgade. We learned that we could gain access to our rooms at 15:00, and so we left our luggage in the storage room and went walking.

We have walked for about forty minutes from the centre, past Tivoli, right up the walking street, to the harbour area. Micke has decided he needs food and has his heart set on sausages. I look around at the boats and the coloured buildings. I cannot remember if I have visited this spot before, or whether I have visited somewhere else that reminds me of this. We will finally go into a basement restaurant about ten metres from here where we will each have lobster soup and a cold Carlberg. Not a sausage in sight.

When we eventually get back we will meet Hafdis and Vera, just arriving . I will go to my room and do some writing. I will (among other things) create an entirely new draft of my topic for the Nobanet e-learning course. Mickey will go to the gym, spend an hour on the treadmill, and crawl back to his room, scarcely able to walk. He will send a message cancelling our planned meal in the evening, and so Hafdis, Vera and I will go to a local Chinese restaurant with nice food and no customers.

I will notice that my room has only one light on the ceiling in the corner, with an atmospheric dark orange bulb that seems unwilling to give out much light. I will get ready for bed in the semi-dark.