Thursday, November 16

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Arabianranta, 12:34


I slept very well last night, although I woke up about four times. Each time my cold demanded a drink of water, and each time I fell back to sleep almost immediately. As a result of this I remembered more of my dreams than usual. None of them seemed interesting enough to write down here, although all of them seemed interesting at the time.

I started the day at Arcada talking with Jutta about which students we felt would best suit the second project that Irma would like us to do. We came up with three, any two of which would do.

I downloaded the new version of Firefox, which introduces a new, super-fast engine and breaks a lot of old add-ons. Almost everything that I use seemed to work, except for my menu plugin. I ended up with a new extension that almost worked properly.

Monica and I sorted out my problems with the Travel application we have to use to annotate our travel expenses, and the business of organising the next meeting of the Quality Circle.

At 11:00 I had a tutorial with two students from the CMS course who had asked me to go over some of the issues involved in building a Wordpress theme from scratch. We spent an hour going through what they had done. They had decided to start again and they had watched a series of YouTube videos and got stuck halfway through those. I felt delighted that they had made this effort and happily spent time going through it all until they got their site working.

At lunchtime I opt to go for a walk to clear my head and work out exactly what I intend to do in the Media Management session this evening. I walk down to the sea and photograph some ducks in a pond. I stand there for about ten minutes thinking while the ducks swim up and down. I suspect that they suspect that I have food that I might want to give them. This time I don’t.

I will walk to the mall and buy a big iced bun to have later with tea.

In the afternoon the rest of the CMS class will demand an explanation, during a break in Jutta’s course, so I will walk in and give them a more general overview of what I expect them to have done by next Tuesday.

At 16:00 I will set up the room and at 16:15, my voice hoarse, I will start the MA course in Digital Mediascapes.