Thursday, November 23

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Arcada, 10:47


I woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off at 7:30, and stifled it before it woke Irma. I then heard her getting up anyway. I had slept through the night without coughing or waking up with my mouth filled with phlegm. I also noticed that my head had stopped throbbing.

Irma, on the other hand, seemed to have developed the cold that I have managed to shake off. She greeted me with a hoarse and fading voice, although she showed me some of the things she had brought back from Prague before I left for work.

I met Nathalie on the tram so I asked her about grants for conferences and opportunities for publishing. I also told her that I had a ticket to Slush and asked what sort of report might prove useful.

At Arcada I looked through the Ed-Media call for papers to see what I needed to do, and set aside some time tomorrow to actually do it. I answered some mails, including one from the student who wanted to see me at 10:00 to tell me that she would have to meet me at 11:00 because she “had got stuck” in a seminar in the centre.

I go to see Micke, who seems to have disappeared, and on the way back I go downstairs and then up the big stairs. I look out of the window and see the snow falling heavily again. A car passes and the scene from the ground floor seems very detached from the very different scene I see looking out of the third floor window by my desk. One thing that makes me happy every time I think about it: I made the effort to react quickly and grab a window seat when we changed offices several years ago. I look out of it every time I think.

I will go back to my desk and read the introduction to The Lost Tetrads while waiting for my student to arrive. I feel certain that I can use this book both in courses and in writing. I only found out about it through getting spammed, so that makes one piece of spam I feel happy to have received.

Some students will email me to say that they will happily work from home on their project, while others will turn up. I will offer advice and guidance, and pair off two students who do not yet have a team.

At 16:00 I will leave for home, listening to Pete Sounds as I go.