Wednesday, June 13

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Tallinaukio, 16:55

Over the weekend I had discovered just how important Kenneth Gergen could be to the main argument in my thesis, and so I spent this morning reading through several papers that he has made available at the Swarthmore College website.

Much stuff happened around me, and I (reluctantly) skyped Jutta for a short tutorial in using the big A2 printer, which I have deliberately avoided knowing anything about for fear that I would become Printing Boy. Some South African students want to print some posters for a movie they have been making with our students, as part of the North South South project.

Now I am on the way home and I am stopping at the Post Office to collect a parcel that I wasn’t expecting. It turns out to be a copy of the latest McSweeneys. This is very welcome, but I thought my subscription lapsed six months ago. When I check their website later I will discover that I did not get the previous edition, and deduce that my subscription has indeed ended.

I will spend the evening gardening. I will spend the early part of the night waiting for Sunshine the cat to come home. It will arrive at 00:25.