Saturday, November 25

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Vartiokyläntie, 16:20


We got up late and had brunch. We could see the rain falling outside.

We cleaned the house very thoroughly, and once the rain had stopped I went outside and chopped down a large plant that needs chopping down in autumn. Irma went shopping.

Irma returned, the rain cleared, so I decided to go for a walk before it got dark. I decide not to walk through the woods for fear of getting stuck in the mud. I walk down Vartiokylä instead and as the sky darkens I pass the strange house near the bottom that seems to perpetually await demolition. I see a cupboard or fridge in a big puddle with the setting sun illuminating it. I see reflections at dusk. I photograph it.

Later I will walk past Plantagen and walk in to buy some roses. I will find a bunch of orange and pink ones which Irma will like.

I will chat with Naa who has invited Sampo to join her on her class outing to Tallinn. Nine of them will take a 22 hour cruise in which they will sit on a boat with only a constantly open bar for company. Drunkenness will happen.

Irma and I will have a quiet night in. We will share a bottle of wine while watching a movie called Nanny McPhee, a sort of post-Lemmy Snicker fairy tale written by, and starring, Emma Thompson. It will keep us both amused and we will both decide to see if we can see the sequel at some point.

We will follow this with a movie starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston that amused us less but still amused us.