Friday, December 1

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Slush, 11:54


Irma and I went to Slush together again, and this time we went in thick snow. The delegates will get a proper Finnish winter surprise this morning. The slush fell diagonally into our faces as we walked from the car to Messukeskus but Irma couldn’t resist taking some more photos with the people from Space Station, who had space suits on.

We walked around and listened to a panel discussion on artificial intelligence. Irma became intensely interested and wanted to see more. We passed by a robot arm that served us with glöggi, and now we have reached the stand where we both pitched yesterday. Irma has another idea that she wants to pitch and so I wait. After the pitch, and the t-shirt she gets for doing it, I notice one of the posters from the Don’t share campaign and photograph it while Irma makes herself a tinfoil hat.

We will then go onto watch some more presentations at the Fireside theatre until Irma has to leave. I will watch some more, gather some more stickers, and leave into the, by now very heavy, snow.

At Arcada I will make a pecha kucha about how to make a pecha kucha, something I had planned to do for some time. It will work well.

I will lead the final session of Digital Mediascapes and, for the first time, it will feel to me as though it comes to a conclusion; and a conclusion that makes it appear to form an intrinsic part of the overall course. I will give the final assignment, making sure that everyone understands it, and then I will go home.

I wil find Naa at home when I get there.