Saturday, December 9

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Itis, 10:15


Today we will celebrate Christmas and yesterday I realised that my present for Irma would not arrive in time. I left for a walk at about 9:30 and walked very quickly through the woods the long way and down to the ring-road.

I get to Prisma and turn right towards Itis. I cross the road and go in and as I enter I see Santa handing out little gifts to frightened children. I watch for about three minutes and four children burst into tears one after the other. I turn and walk to Marimekko where I get an emergency gift voucher for Irma.

I will head rapidly home and get there in time for brunch.

After this I will wrap up the garden furniture for winter. This works much better since we got the outdoor terrace, since it gets hidden away as well as packed.

At 14:00 Irma will leave to get Naa and then drive to collect Ukki. I will clean the house and then wait at home for Mummi to arrive in a taxi.

Eventually everyone will find themselves in the same room at the same time. We will eat cakes and drink coffee and then exchange gifts. I will get a Slush t-shirt, a small book of poems from Guru Aurabindo, and a book of photographs of Helsinki.

In the evening, once everyone has returned whence they came, we will sit down and watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel again.