Sunday, December 10

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Arcada, 11:00


We got up reasonably late and I went for a walk in the sudden early autumn.

I walk through the woods behind us and then meander down Riskutie. Eventually I end up near the children’s playground where I used to go with Naa and Auo when we first moved here. I photograph the trees and the large puddles that the last week’s snow and rain have left. I look around and notice that, if I didn’t know better, I could easily mistake this for early October. The weather has gone up and down to an unusual extent this year.

In the afternoon we will go to Naa’s apartment where she will give Irma a lot of old clothes to take to India. We will see the pink toaster that Mummi bought her for Christmas in situ. Afterwards we will drive to Prisma where we will buy a mixture of food and gifts.

In the early evening I will replace the lamps on a Christmas decoration, play with the cat, and settle down to read two chapters of Rethink, a book about “the surprising history of new ideas” by Steven Poole.

We will both agree that we should go to bed early and, after showers, we will do just that.