Saturday, June 16

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Home, 22:50

This morning I let Sunshine out at about 7:45 and it came back about forty minutes later with a bird. I grabbed the cat and the bird flew into the bookshelves. I got Auo up and we got the bird, that had died after a couple of minutes hiding behind the books – presumably from shock. During this process Sunshine wandered out again.

I went for a jog and found that listening to my iPod seemed to knock a minute and a half off my time with no conscious effort at all.

Irma and Naa got up a couple of hours later and we had breakfast and packed the car. Outside it was bright cloudless sunshine, and the hotest day of the year so far.

We were supposed to be driving to Pellinki to begin our summer holidays, but the cat didn’t turn up. The girls and I went looking for it, since we were convinced that it was asleep on a neighbour’s lawn, but we didn’t find it. Instead we all started to do some gardening, and got a whole lot done, albeit without much cheer.

An hour ago, while Irma and I were sitting outside, and Irma was coming to believe that the cat was obviously dead, it strolled in miawing for food. Now I am looking at the ornaments on the mantlepiece which seem so calm.