Lidl Shark 5: the results

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POSTED: December 12, 2017

The Lidl Shark 5 razor blade that I started using on September 1 finally stopped working this morning, just as I finished shaving. This ended an experiment to see how long a Lidl blade would last. You can read all about that here.

The blade has two plastic tabs that connect it to the handle. Over the last couple of days it had started to feel loose and today one of the tabs suddenly snapped. When this happened I remembered a previous blade going wobbly before I changed it, and so I deduced that the Shaving Master at Lidl has trained the blades to commit hari kari voluntarily when they feel that their time has passed.

It had started to feel a little blunt but it still worked well, and I would happily have used it for a few more weeks.

Looking back through my diary, I have spent seven days away from home since September 1; in London and Copenhagen. On those days I used a different, travel razor. I therefore calculate that the blade has lasted 96 daily shaves, which means that I will need four blades per year which, at current prices, will cost me 5€ a year.

Not bad at all.