Monday, June 18

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Sundö, 14:45

Naa began her summer job at 10:00, helping on the farm. The weather was dry but the wind was a easterly full-on storm that continued all day.

Auo and I worked in the garden. Auo raked and I pulled up the bamboo shoots. I was expecting to find them all 1 metre tall but we seem to be winning. There are only a few shoots, and I got rid of them before lunch. For part of the time, when she was not working on City matters, Irma mowed.

Naa came back for lunch and now she is doing the washing up in the cold, howling wind. She will return to the fields and I will carry on moving things around the garden, before Irma and start planting rhubarb and flowers.

Irma spent much of the day indoors working. At 18:00 she will leave for Helsinki because she has be at work tomorrow for meetings. We will spend the evening talking and reading before going to bed early.