Sunday, December 17

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Lounge, Helsinki airport, 19:32


Yesterday evening and most of the night the new roof demonstrated its super powers. As soon as snow built up we would hear a noise like thunder and the snow would come sliding off the roof onto the garden. The first time I wondered what could have happened and ran outside to find myselg getting covered with falling snow.

As it continued to happen I decided that a fourth Stooge seemed surplus to requirements and stayed indoors.

Packing continued for much of the day. While Irma went to Itis, I cleaned the house and cleared some of the snow and ice from the front. If it melts this will prove a complete waste of time. If it freezes it will later prove completely necessary.

At 16:30 Naa arrived and an hour or so later we left for the airport.

Irma had pre-booked a parking space. Everything went smoothly. We all left our winter jackets in the car and raced into the airport underdressed for Helsinki and overdressed for Kerela.

We have only had breakfast so we head for the lounge and have a start-of-holiday sparkling wine and some of the available food. I opt for creamy salmon soup and saaristoleipa, fact fans.

I wander around the lounge between bowls of salmon soup, looking for something to photograph. I end up with a random and not especially inspiring image of some of the refective surfaces.

When we emerge from the lounge we will have first row seats on the plane and all fall asleep shortly after the acceptable dinner they will serve.

We will land in Dubai about 3am head time.