Tuesday, December 26

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KS Road, 11:37


In the middle of the night I woke up with my stomach telling me how hot and spicy it regarded yesterday’s dinner. After a visit to the toilet where we agreed how to deal with it, I returned to bed and fell back into a deep sleep.

Before breakfast I took Bruno for a short walk and as we returned we noticed roadworks starting outside the house. A workman asked me for a chair, which puzzled me almost all the way through breakfast.

I looked out of the window and saw a woman in a purple sari carrying a purple umbrella, watching the roadworks progress. When a man approached her with a clipboard we realised she had the role of supervisor and that, indirectly, she had wanted the chair.

I took one out for her. She smiled politely and sat on it.

After breakfast Bruno and I went for a longer walk in which he disappeared for ten minutes to deal with a pack of dogs hiding in a thicket. On the way back he found something that looked like folded cardboard, picked it up, and immediately ran at full speed right past our house in the direction of Molly’s. He returned half an hour later.

The roadworks consisted of a lorry that dropped gravel onto the stones, a gang of men that spread the gravel, and a road roller that compacted and flattened the result. They worked quickly and had soon moved round the bend and out of site.

We notice they have gone and go out to collect the chair. It still contains the supervisor’s handbag. Irma takes it to her just before she disappears from view and I take the chair back indoors. We both notice a man guarding a road closed sign. We both photograph him.

We will spend the rest of the day working together on a briefing paper Irma had promised to send today. It will prove difficult but interesting.

At 17:00 we will take a short walk to the temple, before returning hot and in need of water. Bruno will drink his bowl empty as soon as he gets back inside.