Wednesday, June 20

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The bay, 13:00

Last night the flies were everywhere and I had to sleep with my head covered. Sunshine spent most of the night awake trying to catch them. In doing this it crashed around the house, throwing carpets around, knocking things over, and jumping on everyone.

This morning Naa did not need to get up for work and so we all stayed in bed an hour or two longer in an effort to get the sleep we didn’t get in the night.

In the morning I cleaned the house and watered the flowers; and then fixed the outside lock on the front door. I then wrestled with Descartes for two hours. It was a preliminary bout for the thesis.

After that I went down to the beach with Auo to see if it was warm enough to wash in. We are both cold from the driving wind, and we are both gingerly putting our toes in the water. Almost warm enough, is our verdict, as we look out over the bay which is bright and clear today.

Later I will go to Tirmö with the rubbish bags, buy new potatoes from the shop on the farm, cook dinner, and allow the girls to wash their hair in the sauna because “almost warm enough” isn’t warm enough.