Tuesday, January 2

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Samudra Beach, 16:20


I woke up at 7:00 and got up slowly. I did some excercises and then sat down to meditate.

I have used the same TM mantra since I got inducted into TM in Aderlady in Scotland at the age of nineteen. I have only spoken it aloud once so it exists only as a “sound” in my head. It may well have changed dramatically in nearly fifty years.

This morning I could hear many different kinds of birds in the background, and at some point I found that they had given me a new and very different mantra. The one I have used has two syllables. My new one has seven. I carried on using it and it slowed the whole process down in a way that I found both helpful and relaxing.

When Irma woke I made the bed and then took Bruno for a walk. After breakfast we sunbathed and read. I learned that fishermen noe face a potentially deadly quandry. From today’s New Indian Times:

The Met Office is issuing alerts on a daily basis cautioning fishermen against venturing into the sea to avoid criticism in case of disasters

Irma and Naa decided to contribute to the spiritual economy by taking the rickshaw to the local branch of Patanjali Ayurved, the retail outlet for Baba Ramdev, India’s most popular guru, who has moved into fast foods and now has a bigger turnover than Nestlé India.

Other gurus have joined in, and Naa and Irma will return with some Sri Sri products too; from the retail branch of the ever-smiling Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, famous in some circles for The Art of Living.

In the afternoon we decided to go to Samudra Beach, where we will get a huge shock. The beach has completely disappeared. The Ockhi cyclone in late November washed all the sand away, and then dragged masses of huge stones to the shore from the bottom of the sea.

I photograph the shoreline as we walk from one end to the other. At the far end we have a choice of two restaurants, both of which have seats on the seawall. We choose The Waters Edge.

The waiter tells us that the whole coast changed in less than a week. Some of the stones got thrown over the seawall by the storms onto the flat land.

We sit and think about the power of nature and realise how many liveliehoods this would have destroyed if it had happened a bit further down the coast, around Lighthouse Beach. The sunbathing and surfing would disappear for starters.

We will finish our drinks and call our rickshaw.