McDonalds in miniature

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POSTED: January 11, 2018

The Reef Mall stands opposite the Star Metro hotel in the district of Dubai, not far from the airport. About half the units in the mall lie empty. Last year, when we visited, I thought the mall would go into liquidation at any moment. This year I have changed my view. It seems to semi-flourish in a state of half-life.

It might go on forever.

Irma and Naa have gone shopping on the first floor and I remember the food court that existed on the second floor. I go up to look. To my childish delight the McDonalds still exists.

They still serve McArabia chicken flatbreads. I still haven’t tasted one.

This might win an award as the smallest McDonalds in the world. Certainly it counts as the smallest McDonalds I have ever seen.