Monday, January 15

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Arcada, 9:03


I felt frozen as I waited for the 97V, even though I had my thick winter jacket on, and big boots. The wind took me by surprise, I think.

As I walk into work I see the new decorations for the walk-in studio and the online media studio. I like the stencilled sheeting on the window. I walk in to look at it from inside the room, and then walk out again and photograph it. Nathalie will tell me that the dot on the floor will get dirty very quickly, and I will suggest that students could clean it as a punishment.

At 9:15 I will start the second week of the Innovations course that Tomas began last week. The students have all prepared individual assignments outlining a social problem that they would like to tackle. The class has approximately sixty students and their presentations will take from five to ten minutes each.

At 17:20 we will finish today’s session, and I will quickly answer some of the more important mails in my inbox. I will then ruthlessly turn the rest into tasks, or archive them.

I will get home at 18:40. We will discuss our next holiday, which might prove sooner than we had thought, thanks to some promotional material from Finnair that we just received.

I will finish Staying OK, which will prove useful despite its far too homely and repetitive writing style, and its quaint Dick van Dyke Show view of socialising.

I will somehow manage to fix the television. I identified the problem yesterday. We receive three blocks of channels on UHF 26, 32 and 46. The ones we had lost all arrive on UHF 32. Manual searching shows the signal there as poor to nonexistent. Today I will retune UHF 32 manually again, and the channels will reappear.

I will guess that I simply caught it at a good time.