Wednesday, January 17

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Hämeentie, 15:11


At 13:00 I woke up with crippling back ache and blamed the mattress. In Kerala we slept on the world’s hardest mattresses and they suited my back very well. The mattresses at home feel much too soft. I therefore got up and pulled the mattress off the bed, leaving only the very thing top mattress. I got back in and fell back to sleep.

I woke up at 7:30 with twinges in my back, but a feeling that buying a very hard mattress might prove a good investment. I decided to continue the experiment tonight.

I left home at 8:00 to see little flakes of snow falling occasionally and then disappearing on the pavement.

I started my workday with a lengthy meeting with Jutta in which we discussed the efficacy of my new banana stand; upcoming theses; a potential thesis about interactive storytelling that a student has contacted me about; and next year’s courses.

I then approached the Communications Department about the launch for Buddyschool on February 1st and found myself looking at blank faces. I revised my plans for the day and contacted Nathalie to ask about the situation. This led me to Maria, and in the end I set up a meeting between Nathalie, Maria and me for Monday afternoon. I also contacted Irma to get email addresses for invitees, and by the time I had done all this I felt reasonably convinced that everything might work approximately as planned.

During this I also got Ben, Buster and Jokke started on transferring their new, improved version of the Buddyschool site onto Nebula, the Finnish web hosts we have had to use in order to comply with the data protection requirements that Helsinki demands.

Nebula have a completely non-standard approach to web hosting and a bare minimum of documentation. What should have taken ninety minutes had hardly got started by the time we broke for a very late lunch. We agreed that I would phone Nebula, which I did. A woman there claimed that we should have no difficulty doing what we wanted. She invited me to submit a ticket, which I did.

Staring out of the window while eating my rye-bread and cheese, I notice that the snow has started falling properly, and has begun to whiten the landscape. I watch the traffic slowing down and notice a brightly dressed old woman shuffling along in a cliched attempt to provide a colour contrast. I photograph her.

I will then start an infuriating process of trying to access the ticket I sent to Nebula, before eventually realising that I have to register a new account in order to access their Management Panel. My account name and password will not do. I switch between the Finnish and English pages but neither tell me what I need to know.

At 16:30 I will meet Naa at Itis to give her my copy of I’m Ok, You’re Ok, which we talked about in Kerla. I will wait with interest to find out what she thinks of it.

We had intended to have a coffee at Espresso House, but has no room at all. I have never seen it so full, and the queue stretches out of the door. Instead we will walk down to McDonald’s where we will have milkshakes and I will sample the all-new McVegan. I will realise with horror that they have removed the 13581 Vegetable Feast from the menu to make room for it. They have totlly different patties.

Bad move, McDonalds!