Digital detox, my arse

POSTED: January 14, 2018

Irma took a copy of the Finnair magazine, Blue Wings, with her when we arrived at the airport last Friday. Today I sat down and thumbed through it. This article caught my eye. It made me despair at the rapid recycling of potentially interesting ideas as cheap promotional stunts for dimwits. If I still despair about that kind of thing.

It also made me decide never to look at an issue of Well+Good, something I have successfully managed so far.

The article suggests that all those hotels and bars that have never managed to provide wifi for their customers will now suddenly get rewarded for their incompetence or meanness. They will take their “can’t be bothered” approach to customer service and market it as “proudly analogue”. Irma correctly pointed out that this will probably stop amusing the hotel guests when they want to check in to their flight home.

You might also notice that the man with the unnecessary hat and beard in the accompanying illustration reads an analogue magazine while holding a cup of artisanal coffee with a generous slice of hand-crafted cake in front of him. You might also notice that his phone sits next to his cake, switched on.

Presumably he has just posted an update to his social media of choice announcing that he has gone analogue. Ho hum, I say.