Sunday, January 21

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Hietaniemikatu, 16:12


I started the morning with a 20 minute walk. I don’t have one of those planned, but nonetheless, but a process of speeding up and slowing down, I managed to make a walk that lasted exactly twenty minutes.

In the afternoon we went to see Irma’s father and spent an hour with him. We then drove to Kamppi to see her mother.

We find a place to park in Kamppi, in a small road off Hietaniemikatu, and walk up. As we do I notice the old buildings. Kamppi still has a lot of original buildings. I notice an imposing gate in a traditional style and photograph it. It appears no better or worse than other doorways and gates that I pass but it offers two advantages. Firstly it has no car parked in front of it and so I can step back to take a picture. Secondly it stands on an obviously sloping part of the street.

Irma’s mother has started the new Paul Auster novel (which I haven’t) and she will talk about that with great enthusiasm. I will decide that I should read it very soon, so that I can join in.

After this we will return home, have dinner and then go early to bed. We still have no television so early means very early. I will fall asleep shortly after 21:30.