Friday, January 26

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Arcada, 13:32


For the first time this week I left the house without slipping, sliding, or getting soaked. Irma will work from home today so she slept on while I had breakfast and left. The rain yesterday had cleaned the pavements and disappeared. The wind had dropped. The bus came two minutes early but I had got there four minutes early. I felt cheerful.

I spent the morning in a flurry of activity that had partly occurred to me in the night. I checked the bookings for my courses in Period 4, and worked out Structuring Information in more detail. I worked out some javascript and php acripts that I can use as examples. I found some examples from several years ago when I taught javascript to unwilling students.

I went through several conference sites and abandoned any idea of apply to Smarter Cities in Lahti, since it seems entirely focused on pragmatic and practical solutions, and not on any underlying theory. I began to doubt whether they would have any interest or desire to find out about dividuality. I concentrated on two papers for EdMedia in Amsterdam, one about teaching with pecha kuchas and one about aspects of Nobanet.

I dealt with HostMonster, GoDaddy, and my Linodes. I checked what I will need to do to transfer the buddyschool domain name to a new Linode-based site.

I had a long chat with Liisa and we decided to apply for funding to reinvigorate the ITT partnership. I wrote a mail asking if any Erasmus funding still existed for this year. Insted of an answer I got a series of questions. I replied and waited for an answer.

After all this I walk down the corridor looking for something to look at. You can find a lot to look at. I notice that the gaps in the glass that lines the corridor does interesting things: it reflects while showing things in the distance. It reflects things that seem to defy location. Later I will not decide which part of the images interest me the most: the buildings in the distance or the smudgy reflections in the smoked areas.

At 14:00 Ben and Buster will arrive for the final push on the Linode site. Jokke left yesterday for his year long exchange in Rotterdam.

After an hour we will have a fully working site, if we stretch the definition of “fully-working”. It will run properly, but not all of the articles have translations, and the social media links do not point anywhere. In addition, the contact form needs a server-side script to run.

At 15:00 I will have a Zoom meeting with Oliver. We will finalise the Convivial Mechanics timetable for this year. It will consist of three main events in April, September and February, with a “make your own toothpaste” workshop that we will contribute to festivals.

At 16:10 I will set off my new automatic back-up scheme. Once I have assured myself that it might work, I will leave for home and the weekend.

At 16:14 I will turn back and turn it off, realising that I have failed to take something into account. Then I will leave for home.