Saturday, January 27

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Malmi, 16:34


I woke up and washed and then prepared to go for a long walk. We realised that our plans for the day would leave us unable to sit and drink a glass or two of wine in the evening, and so I decided to walk to Prisma and back, stopping at the Alko when I get there. Forty minutes later I returned to the house with a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of Raimat. Hunter and gatherer, me.

After breakfast I vacuum cleaned while Irma drove off to fill the car. Later I helped pack presents and arrange two bunches of flowers.

At 15:00 Naa arrived with the Afrikan Tähti expansion pack – Retkikunnot – that I promised to show Mirko. We all got dressed up and drove to a hall in Malmi. Niilia’s sister Thinya and her cousin both celebrate their eighteenth birthdays tomorrow, and so we have a party to attend.

Upon arrival we receive a glass of sparkling wine. We sit down and I admire the folded napkins. I photograph my glass because I have heard that people post this kind of thing on Instagram. I have not brought my iPad so I photograph it with my phone. I look at the resulting image and decide that it looks too much like the kind of thing that people post on Instagram for me to post it on Instagram.

We will stay until about 20:30, when we will leave unable to eat any more. Tusita will have made her brilliant spring rolls and we will have eaten several plates full of delicious Sri Lankan food, followed by unwisely large portions of several cakes.

We will drop Naa home, say hello to Sunshine, and sit down with a glass of prosecco. I will discover that, thanks to improvements in phones, Android, iOS and Dropbox, I can now get my photograph from the Honor 8 Lite and into Pixelmator on my iPad in about three seconds.

This might have consequences.