Tuesday, June 26

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Sundö, 14:40

We all woke up very tired. The cat spent almost the entire night leaping around chasing flies and jumping on and off everyone’s beds. It kept knocking things over and batting the wind-chimes.

When we got up at 8:00 the sky was still looking stormy, but it passed and the day has got hotter and hotter. Naa has been working since 9:00 and has now gone back, after lunch, to carry on in the fields.

I have been cleaning and reading, and Auo has been reading and playing. The cat has somehow caught four mice or voles and carried them into the house.

At about 16:30 Naa will finish work, but decide to do some overtime, cleaning weeds, and Auo will decide to help her.

At 17:40 the ice-cream van will make its weekly appearance and we will buy 2 litres of chocolate ice-cream.

At about 22:00 I will be walking around the house barefoot and lean over to kiss Auo good night. The little toe on my right foot will come into contact with a wasp sitting on the floor by her bed and get stung. I will wake twice in the night with a swollen and throbbing little toe.