Friday, February 9

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British Embassy, 17:50


I caught the 97V bus to Itäkeskus, got the metro, and then ran for a 71 bus: I sat, stood and sat.

I spent the entire morning assessing the final CMS assignments that had arrived by the allegedly final deadline. One arrived after the deadline and I accepted it. Three have still not arrived.

Jolanda and Jessica had a very interesting css problem in their assignment. Since I saw them working on something else in the online studio I went to talk to them. I decided to find some time to explore and fix it, because I couls use their theme for the new Pixelache site.

Jutta skyped me at lunchtime and somehow this led to Skype completely crashing my laptop. This led to me losing a bunch of unsaved work. This led to me cackling with laughter, because my phone had crashed earlier.

Eventually Jutta and I talked about nothing of any real consequence, so I turned my attention to my phone. Android seemed to have updated and lost my permissions and settings in the process. Fixing it took an hour and several restarts and by the time I decided that I needed to do something else my Nordea Code app still didn’t work. I paid my Diners Club bill with my old code card and wondered how this will work when the card no longer works. I also wondered how reinstalling the Code App will work when the old code cards no longer work. Will I have to get a bus to the city centre and queue?

I had conversations with Oliver and Andrew. Oliver has installed ownCloud. Andrew thinks that Convivial Mechanics could have better representation in the annual report. I felt interested in the first and not the second. Who will read the annual report, I asked myself, and why would I want to spend half a day writing something for them?

I booked my flight tickets for the Erasmus visit to Dublin in April. Liisa has not appeared this week and so Monica attempted to book her tickets for her. We booked simultaneously on our laptops. Just as I got my tickets Monica said that the system would not allow her to book for Liisa. So now I have tickets and Liisa doesn’t. I will wait to see what happens next with mild curiosity.

At 16:30 I began a journey to the British Embassy for Well in the Park. Irma appeared just as I walked down the road and we found ourselves the second couple to arrive. We sat at the small bar and felt like regulars.

We chat to the barman, whose name I forget, and to Tom, the new ambassador, who started in January. Insofar as he appears at all he already seems more sociable and relaxed than the previous ambassador. He makes jokesw, swaps stories, and appears not to distance himself from people. He remarks on the price of the beer: Spitfire for 2.50€ a bottle, I can’t believe it, he says. I point out that the unbelievable can prove very pleasant.

Irma has had flu all week and coughs and splutters her way through her Spitfire. We decide not to stay long, and resist a second glass. Instead we will drive home and watch another five episodes of Indian Summers. This will finish the first series and get us four episodes into the second.