Saturday, February 10

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Lidl, near Lanterna, 16:45


We got up late after a long hard night watching television. We only have another six episodes to go now.

I went for a long walk listening to the Spiritualized album Amazing Grace. I hadn’t listened to it much since it came out and, going back to it, I found it better than I remembered.

When I got back we had a short debate about what order to do things next: shower, breakfast, cleaning or breakfast, cleaning, shower? I had cold hands and face from the walk so I opted for Plan A and leapt into the shower.

In the middle of the afternoon we drive to collect Naa and all drive to the new Lidl near Lanterna. We buy dairy products and oddities. I notice the gaming machines standing just after the checkout. When I first came to Finland I felt very surprised at the sheer amount of fruit machines in public spaces, but now they have come to seem normal. I only notice these because the store still feels new and spacious, and the machines therefore stand out more than usual.

We will drive Naa home and then go to Prisma where, among other things, I will buy series seven of Doctor Who, the last season of Matt Smith which leads into the 50th anniversary special. It will cost me 4.95€ in a bargain bin sale.

Irma will declare that she does not feel hungry and offer to make me a quick meal by way of heating up last Saturday’s fish. I will say yes because, like her, I want to watch the final six episodes of Indian Summers. We will manage.

The producers originally planned five series but the ratings for the second series caused sudden cancellation. The second series therefore ends on several cliffhangers or unresolved stories. These neatly set up a third series that will never happen.