Sunday, February 11

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The woods, 12:25


Irma got up very late, partly through too much late night television and partly because of her lingering flu.

I go for an hour’s walk through gently falling snow. I walk through the woods on a different route that leads me in a large oval back to the woods where I began. I notice one of the official bird houses. I assume that it has some sort of official status because it has a number on the side and it has numbered companions scattered through the woods. I have no idea who put them there though, or why. Well, I can guess why: to provide shelter for birds. “Why here?” however proves a somewhat harder question to answer.

At 15:30 we will visit Ukki with Naa. He now has a wheelchair.

We will stop briefly in Prisma to recycle some cartons and then go home for chicken pasta. I will sweep the snow from the paths and drive as it continues to fall gently.

I will go to bed early and have what feels like a full night dreaming the same episodic dream. Part of it will involve me driving a tuk-tuk down a river and part of it will involve me getting shot by gangsters who react badly to discovering I have bulletproof skin. They will subsequently hurt themselves badly on my steel-hard face and body. The woman who accompanies me (who I never really get to look at) will become furious when they throw gasoline all over her and set her alight. This burns off her hair and clothes while doing nothing to the rest of her. She will insist on $3 million payment in cash because it will take her three years to grow her hair back. She will rip a safe out of the wall, pull it apart, and help herself to the contents.

They will offer to pay more.