Monday, February 12

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Rohdinkuja, 7:59


I got up after a wild night dreaming, had breakfast, said goodbye, and walked down to the 97V. On the way I pass a grating in the snow. I suspect that the warmth from the grate has prevented the snow from covering it. I look at if for a second and can find no other explanation. I like the pattern that it makes, as though the snow simply has holes in it.

I have noticed that I have two regular companions at the bus stop opposite Plantagen: a woman who smokes as she walks from the corner and then stubs it out when she arrives, and a teenage schoolboy who scowls, plays with his phone, and listens to music loudly. Today only the woman appears. We stand at the stop as usual, pretending not to notice each other, until we both notice that the bus has not appeared. Eventually she will look at her watch and shuffle off and I will run across Itäväylä, up the hill, along Vartiokylä, down the hill by the path to the tunnel, and arrive at the bus stop on the main road just in time to catch the 93.

I have now committed myself to running the Interactive Storytelling course as an online course and, over the weekend, I sketched out a series of videos that such a course would need. I will spend the entire morning plotting the video lectures, drawing together existing material and hunting down new stuff. I will also finalise the timetable.

By lunchtime I will have the plots for eight videos, and I will have booked the studio time to record them. I will also have found three days to write the scripts and make the visual backdrops.

At 13:30 I will take a bus to the library to collect some George Clinton cds that I ordered last week. I will look in to iitalla to see if I can see something that would make a nice Valentine’s Day gift. I can.

In the afternoon I will do a variety of small tasks. I will photograph some bananas on my banana stand, to amuse Irma and Naa, as well as washing my cups and teapot. I will read some articles about the thinking of Charles Sanders Peirce that Scott Cunningham has sent me, and I will update Windows on my laptop.

The three of us, Scott, me, and Dr. Elize Bisanz, will have an unstructured but very interesting two hour chat which will range from Oculus Rift to nominalism, taking in all sort of things on the way. We will agree that we should meet again online and work towards writing a paper. I will put my headset down at the end and wonder how this might factor into my plans for Convivial Mechanics.

When I get home I will find powdery snow still falling. Uncertain whether it will melt tomorrow or not I will opt to sweep up all the snow in the drive and on the paths. It will take an hour and feel likie a refreshing change.

Naa had her first day day of work experience at an old people’s home today and so I will phone her to chat. Apparently they thought that she approached everything as though she had done it for years. She felt very happy about this. So did I.