Thursday, February 15

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Helsinginkatu, 18:23


Last autumn Temporary closed down while Aga and John rethought the underlying ideas. They created a potential successor called Kuusi Palaa which they planned as self-financing. Yesterday I checked the Kuusi Palaa website and discovered that they have now raised the money they need to begin operations. It will open for business on March 1st.

They wanted 100 shareholders and Convivial Mechanics bought two shares. I started the day by writing to Aga checking that Oliver and I can hold the first Convivial Mechanics event of 2018 at Kuusi Palaa on the afternoon of March 3.

I then made a plan for meeting Scott online on a regular, but manageable, and emailed him with my suggestions.

Next up: migrating Ben, Buster and Jakke’s website from a server running CentOS7 to the one I created yesterday running Ubuntu 16.04LTE. I talked with Buster, who I found in the online studio, and we plotted out the possible problem areas. I looked at my timetable and decided to delay this till Tuesday when I could have the entire day to migrate the site, install the mail server and finally transfer the domain to the new site.

At midday Riina arrived to collect Monocle 100 and 101 as research material for her MA thesis. I ate hot and sour porridge with crackers.

By 14:30 I had arrived at Stoa to have a meeting with Laura, Natalie, Irma and Sami. The meeting lasted most of the afternoon and seemed to end successfully. Everyone had a much clearer idea of what everyone else thought and expected and Laura and Natalie had a much clearer idea of their tasks and timetables.

After everyone else had gone Irma finished some work and I answered some emails, and then we drove to visit her sister Marja in Töölö hospital. She has recovered from a major operation and her prognosis seems excellent. She seemed tired but cheerful.

On the way back we find ourselves behind this old fire engine. We both wonder: what does this truck do? It appears to belong to the transport company, and it has a tram logo on the back. The signage lies somewhere between obscure and incomprehensible, even to Irma. We guess that perhaps it does something to trams and tram trains in some circumstances we cannot imagine.

When we get home I will do the ironing that has built up while we have looked the other way. I will iron seven sheets and three duvet covers, as well as a few pillows.