Saturday, February 17

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The woods, 11:35


I got up and went for a walk. I walk down past Alepa where I remember that I ran out of cash in the middle of the week. I get some out and immediately use some of it to buy a bottle of Coke Zero, my first of the year.

I turn right and walk down to the woods. On the way I find this tree standing out from its surroundings. The view seems almost completely monochrome; only the pine tree offers any colour at all.

When I get home Irma will show me the shower hose which has split while she showered. I will discover that unscrewing it takes seconds instead of the hours I feared. Irma will then remember that we have an old shower hose in the shed, to which I will ask: why? It doesn’t matter: it turns out that shower hoses have standards and this one will serve perfectly to fix the broken hose.

Later we will go shopping for food and milk. Irma will also have an idea that would involve a garden gnome or a small table, and so we will go to Lanterna where we will pause for a cheeseburger.

At home Irma will make a fantastically spicy chicken and corn soup.