Sunday, February 18

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Ruusulankatu, 15:23


Yesterday Naa and Sampo went to his student ball, and then onto the after-party. This morning Naa phoned to say that she would like to join us when we went to see Irma’s father. We had expected her to spend the day recovering but we collected her after breakfast and off we set.

The temperature has dropped and I feel unpleasantly cold. We stop in Ruusulankatu in an unexpected parking space. I notice a gate and decide to photograph it on the sole grounds that I have not photographed it before. I think I might photograph more gates this year. They form a part of Helsinki’s heritage.

When we visit Ukki we will all feel shocked. His condition has deteriorated over the last week, and he will barely seem present. He somehow gives the impression that he has got stuck in the condition of just beginning to wake up. He reacts to Naa and Irma stroking him and holding his hand, and it seems clear that he feels happy that we have come, but he offers nothing in return. Two weeks ago he walked with a rollator, and found things amusing. Now he doesn’t.

We will stay for an hour, and Irma will talk with the staff. We will drive Naa home with us for pasta, before Irma drives her back to her apartment.

In the evening I will make the first shower with the new hose.