Tuesday, February 20

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Vartioharjuntie, 8:04


Irma has a meeting this evening and so she has decided to get up an hour later. I creep out silently again. This time, however, I expect the cold and so I wear as much as I can; my hooder replaces my cardigan. Standing waiting for the 97V I notice the sunrise filling the sky with red and yellow, even though the darkness has long disappeared. If I didn’t feel so cold I would find it delightful.

The bus comes and I get a quick journey to work: the metro arrives as I do, and the tram follows the same pattern.

I will spend the morning working on transferring the Buddyschool site. In theory the task should take twenty minutes. In practice it won’t.

This means that I will spend the afternoon working on the Buddyschool site. I will not consider this a waste of time because, if I got paid to train myself in order to teach better, then this would count as some of the stuff that I think I need to understand better. I will learn a lot during the day and everything that I learn will pay off at some future point. I will export a database and import it into MySQL on a new server, using only the command line. I will create a WordPress multisite, several times. I will install phpMyAdmin and fail to get it working, before understanding why. I will successfully migrate the site in two completely different ways. All of this counts as knowledge that I ought to have.

By the end of the day I will have realised that I need to make my mind up. I have several possibilities. I can call the students’ site finished and transfer the domains over after abandoning the idea of the contact form and replacing it with a graphically nice box displaying the email address interested parties should write two. I can try to get a mail server working on the students’ site, which means working under CentOS 7, and allowing for the fact tht their site is located in an odd place on the server, for reasons they explained and I disagreed with. Finally I can continue trying to emulate their unorthodox set up on a site running Ubuntu 16.04 and then hope that my success in creating a working mailserver on my site translates to this new site.

On the way home I will decide that I have done enough at this point. I will go for the first and simplest option, and keep both of the other two in mind for a future upgrade. I strongly suspect that very few people will contact Kipa through a contact form, even if one exists; although I will add one at a later date.

I will get home and let the cat out, who will promptly run back in when he discovers the temperature outside: minus fifteen. I will repeat this three times before he finally accepts that it will not change.

I will feel the need to read Linux magazines I have downloaded from the library until Irma returns about 21:00.