Saturday, March 10



Pool, Star Metro, 12:11


We have an apartment room. This means that it has a lot of space and a kitchen area with a cooker, microwave, cooker, washing machine and sink. Yesterday we bought bread and cucumber, hummous and cheese, fresh bananas and oranges, and this morning we ate a relaxed breakfast at home.

We still felt slightly dazed and decided to do whatever came up. I had picked up a Time Out guide to Dubai at the airport so I started by looking through that. I discovered that the Police Museum lies within walking distance of our hotel. Irma did not seem either impressed or enthusiastic; and her enthusiasm didn’t seem to increase however much I mentioned it

We decide to get the lift down to the second floor and go to the pool for an hour. I notice very large cranes all around us, working away on new buildings, and take some photographs. I count the number of cranes that I can see and count twenty within a couple of kilomtres of the hotel.

We will leave the pool seconds before sunstroke sets in.

In the afternoon we will do a tour of the shops within walking distance. I will get a 2 euro iPad charging cable from Gift Village that will prove to work perfectly.
From there we will cross the road using the metro entrances, picking up some maps, before finding several items of interest in Ansar Gallery.

We will eat at Soy and Pepper, where they will recognise us from January. I will finish my meal with a dessert called halo halo, chosen from an illustration. It will turn out to feature a bed of ice, on top of which lies ice cream, creme caramel, fruit, sweetened string noodles, green jelly pieces, and sugared sweet corn.

Yum yum, I say.